The Daily Nietzsche

A collection of quotations from good ol' Nietzsche.

If we make it clear to anyone that…he can never speak of truth, but only of probability and its degrees, we generally discover…how greatly men prefer the uncertainty of their intellectual horizon, and how in their heart of hearts they hate the truth because of its definiteness. Is this due to a secret fear felt by all that the light of truth may at some time be turned to brightly upon themselves?…Or is it to be traced to their horror of the all-too-brilliant light, to which their crepuscular, easily dazzled, bat-like souls are not accustomed, so that hate it they must?

— Friedrich Nietzsche in Human, All Too Human, Part Two, Miscellaneous Maxims and Opinions

He who realises at last how long and how thoroughly he has been befooled, embraces out of spite even the ugliest reality. So that in the long run of the world’s history the best men have always been wooers of reality, for the best have always been longest and most thoroughly deceived.

— Friedrich Nietzsche in Human, All Too Human, Part Two, Miscellaneous Maxims and Opinions

But we who are of a mixed nature, sometimes aglow with fire and sometimes chilled by intellect, we want to kneel down before justice, as the only goddess whom we recognise above us. Usually the fire in us makes us unjust, and in the sense of that goddess, impure; never may we touch her hand in this condition…ashamed, we offer her our pain as a penance and a sacrifice, when the fire burns us and tries to consume us. It is the intellect that saves us from turning utterly to burnt-out coals; here and there it pulls us away from justice’s sacrificial altar… Redeemed from the fire, we then stride on, driven by the intellect, from opinion to opinion, through the change of sides, as noble traitors to all things that can ever be betrayed—and yet with no feeling of guilt.

— Friedrich Nietzsche in Human, All Too Human, Part One, Section Nine

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Clever people may learn the results of science as much as they like, one still sees from their conversation, especially from their hypotheses in conversation that they lack the scientific spirit. They do not have that instinctive mistrust of the wrong ways of thinking, a mistrust which, as a consequence of long practice, has put its roots deep into the soul of every scientific man.

— Friedrich Nietzsche in Human, All Too Human, Part I, Section Nine

If one has not passed through various convictions, but remains caught in the net of his first belief, he is in all events, because of just this unchangeability, a representative of backward cultures; in accordance with this lack of education…, he is harsh, injudicious, unteachable, without gentleness, eternally suspect, a person lacking scruples, who reaches for any means to enforce his opinion because he simply cannot understand that there have to be other opinions.

Human, All Too Human, Part I, Section Nine by Friedrich Nietzsche

Conviction is the belief that in some point of knowledge one possesses absolute truth. Such a belief presumes, then, that absolute truths exist; likewise, that the perfect methods for arriving at them have been found; finally, that every man who has convictions makes use of these perfect methods. All three assertions prove at once that the man of convictions is not the man of scientific thinking; he stands before us still in the age of theoretical innocence, a child, however grown-up he might be otherwise.

Human, All Too Human, Part I, Section Nine by Friedrich Nietzsche